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Blue Redtronic Bullitt Basic LED Light bars

Redtronic Bullitt Basic

The Bullitt Basic series LED Blue Light Bars are extremely aerodynamic, echoing the design and effect of a vehicle spoiler, cutting through the air and truly minimising wind drag.

Each of Redtronic's impressive BX series LEDs is 3W, ensuring incredible visibility. Many features and optional extras available for each size light bar, such as rear reds, alley lights and other extras to suit emergency vehicle and response lighting needs.

An incredibly popular LED Lightbar for modern ambulances, high-spec response vehicles and for users who want to look beyond futuristic in their lighting.

Customisation Available: LED Alley Lights, LED Front Worklamps (Steady Takedowns), Flashing LED White Fronts (Takedowns), Rear Alternating Reds

Lead Time - 2 Weeks

Redtronic Bullitt Basic

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