LM500 All In One Siren & Beacon

Federal Signal
Part Number: LM500-B
LM500-D Series offers a supreme all-in-one lighting and audible warning facility. The top-mounted beacon features Federal Signal's renowned Solaris LED technology. 15 of these LEDs, housed between parabolic reflectors, ensure the strongest 360 visual warning possible. The siren utilised within the LM500 is the industry-leading SCS1000-D (as featured here). The siren consists of a 30W speaker, programmable tones and a cigarette lighter plug to full control options. The entire kit is weather resistant and has a super-strength magnetic base with 4 cups, each encased in anti-scratch coating to protect your paintwork.  Only available with a coloured lens.
  • Voltage: 12VDC
  • Output: 30W
  • Max Current: 3A Siren, 0.6A Lighting
  • Accoustic Strength: 114dB (at 3.5 metres)
  • Weight: 2.28kg

Warranty: 2 Years 

Dimensions: 262mm x 161mm x 166mm