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LED Lightbars

Low profile LED lightbars for both amber and blue markets. Each LED light bar series offers their own unique features and all come UN ECE R65 Approved:

Truckmaster Lightbars -

Most cost-effective fully-illuminated R65 LED light bar range. AMBER ONLY

Redtronic Bullitt Basic

Ridiculously modern, aerodynamic and low-profile lightbar range - R65 Approved. AMBER / BLUE

Redtronic Spartan -

Highly configurable lightbar range. Best choice for custom LED lightbars to your specification. AMBER / BLUE

Vision Alert 12+ Series -

Combination of high-end LED power, full illumination, customisation and cost efficiency. AMBER / BLUE

Britax 13 Series -

Budget configurable LED lightbar range. AMBER ONLY

LED Lightbars

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