1 Bolt High Power Strobe Beacon - 14W

Part Number: XHP060-A

The XHP is a little different to most strobe ranges available today. Featuring 14w of pulsing strobe, the output is double that of a standard 7w model!

With the built-in flash settings and high-visibility warning signal power of the beacon, UNECE R65 approval is met.

It's high profile single bolt fixing offers extra height to the mounting.

  • Meets: e10 EMC Approval, R65 (Amber and Blue)
  • Bulb: 14W Xenon 
  • Warning Pattern: 125 Flashes Per Minute
  • Operating Voltage: Multivoltage 11-30VDC
  • Max. Current: 2.0A @12.8VDC
  • Available in: BLUE (R65), AMBER (R65), GREEN

Dimensions: 130mm x 203mm