31.5" Mega-Flash FX1 LED Lightbar

Part Number: FX1102AC/UF

Every Redtronic low-profile FX LED lightbar features the revolutionary, 180 degree angle FX technology. Each light module spreads it's illumination to the maximum giving you the utmost warning power from every angle. With this technology within - there is no need for modules on the very ends of the lightbars as both corner modules cover the side illumination with perfect strength and clarity.

Without doubt the Redtronic FX series provides the best all-round warning power of any lightbar tailored for emergency vehicles currently available - at a discounted rate compared to the competition.

All models available meet UN ECE Regulation 65, and their multitude of flash patterns offer a diverse range of warning options. Furthermore, the LED technology ensures your power consumption is minimized yet providing brighter warning power than traditional technologies such as strobe & halogen.


This size lightbar is most appropriate on standard, saloon & estate vehicles, as well as the smaller commercial vehicles such as Transit Connects. At just over 2.5 foot in length this lightbar fits best on: first response vehicles (both fire response and medical), security & event vehicles, police and other similar such cars. This is not to say it cannot find use on a larger commercial vehicle, but it's warning power may be limited due to the vehicle height unless two were fitted - one to the front, one to the rear.