54.5" Mega-Flash FX2 LED Lightbar

Part Number: FX2116AC/UF

All Redtronic Mega-Flash FX LED lightbars offer revolutionary output, with each module offering a full 180 degree light spread. No other lightbar, LED, halogen or strobe, boasts such an impressive lighting ability.

Without doubt offering the best warning capabilities for your emergency service vehicle - the Mega-Flash FX range ensures the perfect combination of visibility, safety and reliability, without the hefty price tag.

All FX lightbars meet UN ECE Regulation 65 compliance (Class II) to not only offer a measure of their lighting quality but also their appropriateness for roadside legislation.


Free Choices

Each Redtronic lightbar comes with a free choice of:

Lens Colour - Clear, Same as LEDs. 

LED Colour - Blue, Amber, Green

Mounting Bracket - Roof Bar Mount, Roof Rail Mount, Universal Footpack (High, Low & Tilted).



This size lightbar is great for the larger vehicles. At approximately 5 foot in length this lightbar is ideal for:

  • Fire engines,
  • Ambulance, patient and prisoner transport,
  • Recovery trucks,
  • Large highway maintenance vehicles
  • & many plant machinery applications

Some larger standard vehicles, such as pick-ups or Land Rovers, may also find this size increment appropriate.

  • Meets: E13, R65 (Amber and Blue) Class II
  • Bulb: 3W LED x 36 (Adjustable to 3W, 1W and 25% dim settings)
  • Warning Patterns: 6 Flash Patterns
  • Operating Voltage: 11~30VDC
  • Max. Current: 4A @12.8VDC / 2A @24VDC
  • Max. Power: 108 Watts
  • Fuse Recommended: 5A
  • Multi-Unit Synchronization: Syncs with other Mega-Flash products

Warranty: 5 Years 

Dimensions: 1390mm x 300mm x 56mm


Optional Extras Include:

Stop/Tail/Indicator Modules

Rear Alternating Reds

Flashing Front Takedowns

Alley Lights (LED and Halogen Options)

Front Worklamps / Rear Worklamps  (LED and Halogen Options)