ID6 - Wide Angle Grille Light

Part Number: ID6-A

The new ID6 lightheads offer a unique type of warning, never before seen on Axixtech products. Featuring 4 high intensity LEDs facing forward, 2 angled to the sides and partnered with a fluted lenses, the ID6 offers a wider spread of illumination that any of it's predecessors.

Another in-built bonus to these LED heads is the feature of selectable flashing modes. The unit itself has 15 selectable warning patterns, but with each pattern comes an option for 8 different kinds of flashing 'modes', giving you endless opportunities.

With so many warning patterns to choose from the LED features another new setting to simplify things - Dual Memory. The Dual Memory system allows you to preset two flash settings and easily interchange between the two to save you scrolling through the hundreds of options available.


Aside from all these great features - these units are built for survival. Coming with the customary 5 year warranty you should expect from any decent LED it is also housed within a heavy duty, aluminium housing. This provides a lightweight yet extremely durable casing to ensure your warning power remains, even if they take a whack! 

  • Meets: E13, R65 (Amber and Blue), ECE-R10
  • Bulb: High-Power LED x 6pcs
  • Warning Patterns: 15 Flash Patterns (with 8 'modes' per pattern!)
  • Operating Voltage: 11~30VDC
  • Max. Current: 0.5A @12.8VDC / 0.25A @24VDC
  • Max. Power: 12 Watts
  • Fuse Recommended: 2A
  • Multi-Unit Synchronization: Unlimited
  • Available in: BLUE (R65), AMBER (R65)

Warranty: 5 Years

Dimensions: 129mm x 17mm x 31mm