MS6BS - Surface Mount Grille Light (R65 Approved)

Part Number: MS6BS-A

The MS6BS is one of the most reliable, sturdy, cost-effective and bright LEDs out there.

Featuring 6 of the best LEDs housed within a heavy duty yet lightweight aluminium housing, the MS6 is understandably a hot pick. 


The multitude of applications the MS6 is applicable to also makes it stand out -

  •  It's small height and depth make it ideal for covert fitting within the grille, often a feature favoured by the emergency service and response sector
  •  It's heavy duty housing make it a popular choice for plant machinery, assured it can take a mighty knock!
  •  The long warranty period (5 years!) ensures quality of manufacture which in turn gives the user peace of mind they will not fail when in a high risk area such as Highway Maintenance where priority warning signal at all times is paramount.
  • Meets: E13, R65 (Amber and Blue)
  • Bulb: 1W LED x 6pcs
  • Warning Patterns: 19 Flash Patterns (6 on R65 Models)
  • Operating Voltage: 11~30VDC
  • Max. Current: 0.4A @12.8VDC / 0.22A @24VDC
  • Max. Power: 10.5 Watts
  • Fuse Recommended: 2A
  • Multi-Unit Synchronization: Unlimited
  • Available in: BLUE (R65), AMBER (R65), WHITE, RED

Warranty: 5 Years 

Dimensions: 128mm x 17mm x 28mm