Labcraft SI6 LED Scenelite - 1872 Lumens

Part Number: SI6_6-3MV

Labcraft's SI6 Scenelite range features 6 ultra-high intensity Cree LEDs producing a pure white illumination to ensure safety and visibility as you work.

Each central LED is angled downwards at 40° to offer ample floor coverage, and the two outer LEDs are tilted outwards to increase the illumination spread.

At 1872 lumens and only 1.5A average current - these lamps are at least double the strength of traditional halogen lamps, for well below half the current consumption!

If all the above isn't enough - these lamps also come with a 10 year warranty. How's that for product assurance?


  • Voltage: 11-30VDC
  • Light Output (Max): 1872 lumens
  • Average Current: 1.5A @ 12.8VDC
  • Approval: R10 (EMC equivalent) & Photometric

Warranty: 10 Years 

Dimensions: 310mm x 82mm x 38mm