Labcraft SI8 LED Scenelite - 1248 Lumens

Part Number: SI8_4-3MV

The SI8 by Labcraft offers long life, high-intensity white illumination to optimise safety and visibility in your working environment.

The advanced engineering within allows this lamp to be fitted on any number of vehicles, withstanding changes in voltage without a single compromise on illumination strength.

Furthermore, the aluminium base offers a sturdy base as well as a supreme heat sink to ensure longevity of your product. 

  • Voltage: 11-30VDC
  • Light Output (Max): 11248 lumens
  • Average Current: 1.5A @ 12.8VDC
  • Approval: R10 (EMC equivalent) & Photometric

Warranty: 10 Years 

Dimensions: 182mm x 50mm x 20mm