Bullitt BX31 Grille Light (R65 Approved)

Part Number: BX31AC/BK
£34.99 £38.49

Redtronic's Bullitt BX31 are a revelation in emergency vehicle warning strobes. Whether in a grille or on the body, excellence in hazard warning is assured.

The LEDs alone are of the highest generation and quality, but partnered with their FX optical technology the illumination is spread a full 180°.

No other LED on todays market offers a more impressive spread, with no impact on the strength of illumination - the power from side-on is just as impressive as it is from the front. All of these features combine to make the BX31 (and BX61) one of the most impressive LED vehicle warning lights on the UK market.

  • Meets: EMC, R65 (Amber and Blue)
  • Bulb: 3W LED x 3pcs
  • Warning Patterns: 10 Flash Patterns
  • Operating Voltage: 11~30VDC
  • Max. Current: 0.5A @12.8VDC / 0.25A @24VDC
  • Max. Power: 9 Watts
  • Fuse Recommended: 2A
  • Multi-Unit Synchronization: Unlimited
  • Available in: BLUE (R65), AMBER (R65), WHITE, RED, GREEN - Dual Colour formats also available.

Warranty: 5 Years 

Dimensions: 94mm x 37mm x 22mm