Redtronic Tornado V2.0 LED Beacon - Magnetic

Part Number: TR12MGAC

The Tornado V2.0 features high-power, 3W OSRAM LEDs housed behind Redtronic's unique 'FX' optic.

The redevelopment from the original Tornado has now done away with the frosted lenses in place of a smooth, crystal clear housing.

Suitable for all industries, the Tornado V2.0 meets UN ECE Regulation 65 in both Amber and Blue - ensuring you are compliant at the roadside.

This magnetic fitting is DEKRA speed tested in excess of 146mph! Each magnet is also encased in thick rubber to protect your vehicles paintwork.

The 9 warning patterns, adjustable light intensities and low-profile, modern design makes it a hot-pick for anyone in need of top level warning without a hefty price tag.

  • Meets: EMC, R65 (Amber and Blue)
  • Bulb: 3W LED x 12pcs
  • Warning Patterns: 9 Flash Patterns
  • Operating Voltage: 11~30VDC
  • Max. Current: 1.7A @12.8VDC / 0.85A @24VDC
  • Max. Power: 36 Watts
  • Fuse Recommended: 2A
  • Multi-Unit Synchronization: Unlimited
  • Available in: BLUE (R65), AMBER (R65), RED, GREEN - Dual Colour formats also available.

Warranty: 2 Years 

Dimensions: 150mm x 54mm