Magnetic Square LED Flood Worklamp - 1400 Lumens Worklamps
  • Magnetic Square LED Flood Worklamp - 1400 Lumens Worklamps

Magnetic Square LED Flood Worklamp - 1400 Lumens

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Striking, High-Output Square LED Worklamp With Magnetic Base & Cigarette Plug

  • 1400 effective lumens
  • High-strength magnet
  • Rubber shroud protects paintwork
  • Low Current Draw

The all-new magnetic LED flood light gives you the user a brilliant solution in fitting-free, instant, powerful scene lighting.

Offering a scratch free, coated magnetic at the base, the S279MAG flood light is a brilliant option for instant illumination without installation.
Featuring a straight cord with 3 metres of cabling, it's mounting is viable on any vehicle small or large. Plonk it on the roof when needed, and hide it under the seat, in the boot or in the glove box when you don't!

Although not recommended for use on a vehicle in motion, the magnetic adhesion is substantial and ensures a sturdy grip on the vehicle.

The LED flood light offers 9, 3W LEDs in a circular cluster, combining to create an impressive 1400 lumens of bright white output.
As expected with LEDs, the consumption of current is also incredibly low at just over 2A leaving no worries about power drain, even if used for long periods!

Operating Voltage
Multi-Voltage (12v-24v)
Ingress Protection
Max. Current
2.1A @ 12v
Light Source
2 Years

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